A Smarter Approach to Service: Melee on Demand

In 2016, White Pine Trading’s loose diamond team launched “Melee on Demand”, a program that allows retailers, independent jewelers, and jewelry manufacturers to purchase high-end melee diamonds at industry-leading prices with exceptional service. With an emphasis on vendor-retailer partnerships, the Melee on Demand team brings white-glove service and a new level of flexibility to the way in which melee is sold.


In October 2016, Melee on Demand notably disrupted the melee industry by publishing a straightforward, fully transparent price card that now reaches over 6,000 jewelry professionals each week.  As a business built on transparency, Melee on Demand appeals to retailers, manufacturers and independents seeking a trustworthy diamond supplier that can deliver value and service, in addition to product.


While there are several diamond companies who service in melee they fall short on delivering the most important aspect – VALUE.  Retailers and manufacturers are price-sensitive, and rightfully so.  With domestic manufacturing costs increasing and jewelry pricing becoming more and more competitive, jewelers and retails are highly concerned with margins and material costs.  Why overpay for melee?  Melee on Demand continually aims to provide melee at the lowest-possible industry prices and our ability to do so is directly related to our buying power, as one of the largest closeout diamond and jewelry companies in the world.


Below are unique service advantages Melee on Demand offers to all our clients:




We do not feel that retailers should pay for diamonds they cannot use. Melee on Demand sells by straight MM sizes.  We have no restrictions on rejection, no minimum order requirements and hassle-free returns on all orders. Order as much or as little as you need and keep only what works for you.




Honesty is everything. Unlike our competition, we publish and distribute a fully transparent price sheet within the industry.  What you see is what you pay.  We do not discount – All our customers pay the same price per carat, no matter how large or how small the order.




We have what you need.  As one of the largest aggregators of melee in the world, we have a massive in-stock inventory available at your disposal.  Orders are delivered same or next-day.  Several manufacturers already rely exclusively on Melee on Demand’s large inventory volumes for their production needs.




White Pine is recognized as one of the world’s leading diamond and jewelry companies. We are a global organization, with offices in the US, UK and Japan and over 75 employees worldwide. We received full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and are members of more than 10 industry organizations.


Servicing retailers is not a new idea, nor is it one that we invented.  What is new is that retailers and manufacturers CAN have it all from their melee supplier –  White-glove service, fair and transparent pricing that delivers value, large in-stock inventories ready to ship, and the peace of mind that the expert team at Melee on Demand is available to guide, advise and fulfill any order, big or small.


Email to speak to the Melee on Demand team today or visit to place an order now.